Some of these also use Java which isn’t necessarily native to windows but is so common that it nearly seems so. I also found compress.exe which I did happen to have on my computer. It isn’t natively on most windows machines and is part of the 2003 resource kit.

  • It has the capacity to undelete files from internal and external hard drives, flash drives, memory cards and other devices.
  • The bulk of the file remains hidden until it is overwritten.
  • Support permanently deleted files recovery, formatted recovery, RAW recovery, and more data recovery.
  • Locate hosts file, right-click it and choose Properties.

When users download programs from shareware or freeware companies on the web, it is highly likely that you get a zip file (the file name has a suffix of “.zip”). You can zip and unzip files in Windows 10 just by right-clicking them. To zip files, right-click them and select the Send To option. To unzip files, right-click the ZIP and select Extract all. There are times when Windows fails to fully extract ZIP files.


But with utility, I was able to recover shift + deleted data. I know there are many users who are also facing this same issue. Therefore, with the help of this blog, the users will be able to recover permanently deleted files using CMD. The most common way to recover deleted files is with data recovery software. These programs are designed to recover deleted files by rebuilding the file header. The only catch is that these programs will only work if no other data has been saved over the file.

The hosts file changes take effect immediately except in cases where the DNS entries are cached by applications. One reason to edit the hosts file is if you want a super basic way to block websites from loading on your computer. Enter an invalid or wrong IP address for the site you want to block, and each time you try accessing it, the hosts file will load the IP address you chose. Depending on what you picked, it might completely block the website. Since these changes only apply to your local machine this method of web filtering is useful for blocking websites on a personal device.

You can also try the “previous versions” function to recover deleted files. However, it

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is important to set up File History before you try this. Then download x3daudio1-7_dll, select the file you want to restore from the file history. If you can’t find your file, try searching for it in the File History folder. If you don’t, the file will be gone for good. You can even try restoring files from Google Drive, which keeps files on servers and syncs them across devices.

How to zip files and folders

The extracted files will appear in the same folder as the original. You can then drag them to another location if you want. If you need to extract only a few files, you can unzip them individually by dragging them to a folder and right-clicking them.

Here’s how to open a ZIP file on a Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android devices. Now, you’ll find the ‘Zip’ option right below. Click on it to create the ZIP file in the same location as the original file. Just like the previous method, you’ll be able to rename it immediately. Once there, select and right-click the file and click Cut and Paste it to another location.

How to Change a File Extension in Windows 10

When testing is complete, remove these entries. The hosts file, like other files that can be found in the Windows folder, is protected. You need administrative privileges to move, edit, or delete the file. In the lower left corner of the Domains list, clickGet Hosts File Entries. SiteSpect displays a small window with hosts file entries for your Domains. Simply open the Host file on Notepad and Clear Other entries set by Malware adware.

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